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We design, develop and plan to commercialise innovative diagnostic and monitoring devices to support the work of medical staff worldwide. Become acquainted with the inPROBE technology and follow the current works of our R&D department.

inPROBE – micrometre fibre optic microprobe

Our key technology is the breakthrough micrometre fibre optic microprobe, in combination with components of molecular biology, chemistry and medical engineering. This unique biosensor has been designed to analyse living tissues in the patient body (in vivo tests), with a very high level of sensitivity (picograms/ml – pg/ML) and specificity.

This technology measures the exact concentrations of a substance in the body by identifying biomarkers (e.g. cancer markers) using a specific wavelength of laser light in combination with the innovative independently developed biological components. At the end of the several-minute process, the reading is interpreted with a dedicated conversion algorithm, and displayed as a numerical result showing the level of the specific biologically active compound (e.g. cancer marker).

The micrometre fibre optic microprobe technology will be commercialised under the inPROBE® brand

The specialised technology of airtight sealing of optical fibres

A parallel technology is the innovative technique of airtight sealing of optical fibres, which allows placing the developed sensor into a thin needle for carrying out tests in living tissues, avoiding painful biopsies.

This combination of two key technological components delivers a globally unique solution that meets the in vitro diagnostics paradigm, i.e. the situation that it is always necessary to perform a biopsy, send samples to an external diagnostic laboratory, then wait for up to several weeks for the results.

The in vitro diagnostics (IVD) market is currently valued at more than USD 14 billion (excluding the periodical effect of the Covid-19 pandemic).

This technology is assumed to be the first in the world that:

  • will facilitate the completion and additional verification of current IHC and FISH tests,
  • in the future will become an alternative to traditional and decade long painful and time-consuming necessity for biopsies.

Key benefits of the inPROBE® technology:

  • Rapid results (15-20 minutes);
  • Objectivity/quantitative results;
  • No necessity of a tissue acquisition from the patient body (biopsy);
  • Possibility for in vivo real-time diagnostics;
  • Potential choice of any cancer marker;
  • Possibility for documenting and archiving results;
  • Sensitivity – significantly higher than currently available (possible incision in the tumour);
  • Reduced costs of the medical procedure – an easy to conduct test and the more accurate selection of a targeted treatment reduce the costs of unnecessary oncological therapies.

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